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Sandy Sallee was featured in the March, 2016 issue of Western Horseman Magazine in their "Women of the West" section on pages 18 and 19. Click the photos above to read the article.


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Published in January 2015 coffee table quality 8" x 11" hardbound book with 32 pages of full color photographs
by Sandy Seaton Sallee and Scott Sallee and 14 original never before published poems by Sandy Seaton Sallee.
Price $25 shipped in the U.S.
Email Sandy to order.


Sandy Seaton Sallee was featured for her original cowboy poetry in a full page story and photo in Western Horseman magazine April 2007. Her writing has been published in Bugle, Country, Country America, Coonhound Bloodlines, Montana Outdoors, and the Wall Street Journal. Sandy has been inducted into the Montana Poet Hall of Fame, and featured in the award-winning Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks centennial video. She has performed at cowboy poetry gatherings across the West.

"Montana Legacy", a professionally produced CD of Sandy's poetry, was released June 2007. You may purchase "Montana Legacy" for $17 postpaid directly from Black Mountain Outfitters. Send us a check to P.O. Box 117, Emigrant, MT 59027 or call 406-222-7455 for credit card purchase.


Sandy Seaton Sallee writes and rides from her home in Paradise Valley, Montana. Sandy grew up in Yellowstone National Park, where she rode horseback among the elk and drove four-up stagecoaches. After cowboying in New Mexico, she returned to her native Montana where she met her future husband, Scott Sallee, in a wilderness hunting camp. Sandy and Scott now own and operate Black Mountain Outfitters, a wilderness and ranch outfitting business. They also raise and train hound dogs, horses, and mules.

Sandy’s original western writing has been featured in magazines, gatherings, and shows across America and Canada. Sandy has been inducted into the Montana Poet Hall of Fame, and is proud to share her tales of the history, animals, and people that are the heart and soul of the West.

Sandy has been an invited performer at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering
a number of times since her first appearance there in 1990.


Read the article about Sandy Seaton Sallee and her life at Black Mountain Outfitters by Jeri Dobrowski. Sandy was included in the spring 2014 issue of Persimmon Hill, featuring Women of the West.  Persimmon Hill is the publication of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. Click Here for
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Sandy Seaton Sallee was featured in the April, 2007 issue of Western Horseman, in an article by senior editors Jennifer Denison and Ross Hecox, "Wilderness Woman." She is quoted, "My writing comes from life experiences. What made it easy for me to fit into cowboy poetry is that my life has been full of interesting characters and stories I can write about. I intertwine history and wilderness into my poems."
Sandy Seaton Sallee's poetry can be found in anthologies, including:

Cowboy Poetry: The Reunion,


Ten Years' Gatherings; Montana Poems and Stories

"Hard Winter"
"Mountain Madness"


The Yellowstone Poet contains poems and stories by Sandy Seaton Sallee, with photography from Scott Sallee, Sandy Seaton Sallee, the Doris Whithorn Collection, and the Pendleton Cowgirl Company; and illustrations by Shirley Seaton, Scott Sallee, Edward Borein, and Frederic Remington.

The Yellowstone Poet is available for $10 postpaid
email Sandy Sallee
to order




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